Dental implants

Dental implants

What is dental implantology?

Dental implantology is a branch of stomatology dealing with dental implants placement into edentulous bone of upper and lower jaw. It is around 40 years old, and by today, it is a completely stomatologically perfected and clinically validated discipline.

Dental implants are bolt, i.e. a supplement from precious metal which replaces the missing tooth root. Titan is biologically the most compatible material for human bone. Also, by installing dental implants, we avoid grinding of adjacent teeth, as well as wearing of mobile dentures. An implant lasts for a lifetime and complications are rare. In our center of dental medicine we use Nobel Biocare i Astra Tech systems of dental implants.

Implant placement procedure

Implant placement is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. A titanium bolt (dental implants) is installed onto a selected location and is left to accrete with the bone for 3-6 months. The process of accretion is called osseointegration and is crucial for success of the therapy. After that, an implant is opened and the gums are shaped after 2-4 weeks in order that a natural appearance is achieved (like the tooth is growing from the gums). A prosthetic part of the therapy is what follows – manufacturing of the tooth that is missing.

After implant placement, it is of utmost importance to maintain oral hygiene. Usage of an interdental toothbrush, dental floss, and dental shower is recommended. Dentist appointments need to be more frequent than usual, at least twice a year, and it is necessary to x-ray the implant condition (orthopantograph) every two years.

The price of dental implants

The only limiting factor of dental implants is the price. Fortunately, the price of implant placement in our center of dental medicine is affordable, while the installation quality is identical. The reasons behind the high cost of this kind of treatment are rather expensive materials, technology, and level of expertise.

Of course, there are simpler and more inexpensive solutions for most problems regarding a lack of teeth, but implant therapy ensures additional quality and comfort, as well as durability and functionality.

Dental implants

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