Endodontics – Dental Caries

Endodontics – Dental Caries

What is endodontics?

Endodontics is a sort of a microsurgical procedure which entails root canal treatment, removal of dental pulp, often called „nerve extraction“.

When your tooth aches, the most common cause is dental pulp infection, i.e. nerve infection which occurs due to the penetration of bacteria through dental caries cavity into dental tissue and the lack of a timely visit to the dentist. Bacteria multiplies and causes inflammation, as well as decomposition of tissue. However, infection of dental pulp can exist even without the pain. The nerve is dying slowly and painlessly due to the slowly advancing inflammation or tooth trauma from childhood which can cause chronic inflammation of bones beneath the tooth root (abscess or granuloma). Granuloma can be stationary, but it can also end up in a fistula (purulent pustule).

If the tooth is not cured, it can cause problems with the heart, kidneys and joints.

What is the treatment procedure when you have dental caries?

The first step of therapy is the removal of rotten dental tissue, i.e. the inflamed dental pulp is being mechanically extracted from the tooth root and the canal is cleaned. The created space is widened, disinfected and filled (sealed) with a biocompatible material. Filling or a mechanical crown (depending on the tooth condition) is then set onto that.

In order that our treatment would be successful, it is necessary to have suitable equipment and materials. Therefore, in our center of dental medicine, we use the latest models of ZX Mini Morita apex locators (devices which find and set the length of root canals), TriAuto Mini Morito mechanical devices for treatment of root canals and materials for chemical processing and filling of canals of the highest quality.

All endodoncy-related procedures in our center of dental medicine are performed under local anesthesia and are completely painless for you.

Maintaining hygiene after endodontic treatment

After the tooth is fixed, it is necessary to maintain the hygiene of oral cavity in a standard and regular manner. Still, one has to be careful because a filled tooth looses moisture and elasticity over time and can easily break.

Endodontics – Dental Caries

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