By visiting this part of Europe, you will have an opportunity to experience a region were Croatia meets Austria-Hungary and Ottoman legacy, which you will first of all notice by the architecture and rich traditions and gastronomy. Osijek, a cultural and economic center of east Slavonia and Baranja is located only 20 kilometers from the delta of Drava with Danube.

Hotel Osijek Osijek - Tvrđa

For your first visit to Osijek, we recommend you go see Tvrđa, a part of the city from the 18th century where you will see some of the most valuable exhibits of baroque architecture in Croatia. By passing through a zone of large parks and gardens (there are 17 of them in the city), you will arrive at a secession district with monumental private and public palaces. A parallel pathway towards the center square takes us along the river Drava, and you will arrive at co-cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul after an easy stroll on the promenade. It has been finished in 1898 with its 90 meters high tower and today, it is the tallest building in Osijek and the second tallest church in Croatia. A beautiful view of the whole city can also be seen from a pedestrian suspension bridge on which you can leave your love padlock if you are carried by the moment and keep returning to Osijek forever in love.

Secession District Osijek Osijek Bridge

Osijek surroundings are recognizable by their beautiful nature and culinary delicacies and wine. Wine has been produced in this region all the way back since the age of the Ancient Rome and the most common types are Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot, as well as the pride of every winemaker – Riesling. Also, the wine variety Traminer is world-famous with its sweetish taste and the scent of freshly picked roses. The one from Ilok is especially renowned, and not only Croats enjoy it, but also the guests at the British royal court since the middle of the 20th century and the crowning of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Ilok & Wine Kopački rit

Among many local events throughout the year, we recommend that you definitely visit the Osijek Wine Fest and the State championship in fish stew cooking in early May, UFO festival of young urban bands in the middle of June, Osijek Summer of Culture with theater and film showings, exhibits, and artistic performances from the end of June until the middle of July, Pannonian Challenge festival of extreme cycling sports, rock and urban music in mid-August, World Without Borders – a children’s festival in late August, Days of the first Croatian beer – a festival of Osijek beer and tambourine music in mid-September, and at the end of the year, the romantic and entertaining Advent in Osijek. Throughout the entire year, an antiques fair in the old Tvrđa awaits you in the city, as well as the artistic cycle Four Seasons – a land-art festival of sculptures and paintings made out of grass, leaves, sand, straw, and snow on the streets, squares, and in the parks of the city.

We invite you yourselves to go exploring the most interesting attractions in the city and its surroundings in your new tourist destination – Osijek.