What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics, i.e. orthodontic therapy is a way of correction of teeth and jaw irregularities with the help of dental braces.

Besides a pretty smile, teeth correction is also important for the health of the entire masticatory system. Correct mutual contacts between the teeth ensure a uniform transfer of masticatory pressure which reduces load of a specific tooth. Also, with irregular teeth, it is difficult to maintain hygiene so the risk of caries and gums inflammation increases

When is the time for a first dentist appointment?

Sprouting of first permanent teeth, between the sixth and seventh year of a child’s life is the moment for a first dentist appointment. Our experts will, based on the examination and x-ray image of the jaw, determine what type of relation is present between milk and permanent teeth and upper and lower jaw, as well as advise in case a therapy is needed.

It is required to treat some irregularities even earlier, while in most cases, a therapy between the eighth and fourteenth year of age is the best option. The average duration of a therapy is between around 18 months to two years, but it can last even longer in certain cases.

Teeth correction is possible at any age

During the loss of certain rear teeth in the twenties, a static disorder can occur in the mouth, which why orthodontic therapy treatment is possible (and desirable) even at a later age. Besides justified reasons, twenty-year-olds are also interested in the aesthetics, as well as trends. With development of new orthodontic materials and techniques, as well as pretty and elegant design, dental braces also became a sort of a fashion accessory.

Adults also are not immune to orthodontic therapy. Besides improved health of gums and teeth, it allows them to have a smile that they have always wanted and that is completely normal and justified.

Types of dental braces

Mobile dental braces – most commonly used at an age when children still have milk teeth. In regards to them, the cooperation of children is the most important thing, as braces have to be in the mouth for 14 to 16 hours. When they are not in the mouth, keep them in the same box in which you take them to check-ups. Wash it with water and toothbrush and always put clean braces on brushed teeth

Fixed dental braces – exclusively placed on the front of permanent teeth by a specialist orthodontist and you cannot remove it on your own. It consists out of braces for fixing and a wired arch which has an active function of teeth shifting. Braces are glued to the teeth using special agents which do not damage tooth enamel, but contain fluorine which protects it.

A few days after installation of fixed braces, you may experience pain, sensitivity and discomfort, but that is completely normal until you get used to it.

It is required to attend checkups every 6-8 weeks, when the orthodontist will (if it is necessary) change the wires and/or rubbers without removing the fixed part. Besides regular check-ups, hygiene is also very important.

Retention – crucial and just as important phase after active therapy. After the shifting of teeth into a new position, 10 to 12 months are required for the bone tissue around the teeth to be mineralized in order to sustain the position achieved through therapy.  Therefore, it is important that you keep wearing a retentive fixed or mobile device which is glued to the inner side of teeth and is completely invisible for some more time.

Maintaining of hygiene during orthodontic therapy

There is a huge number of products on the market especially made for orthodontic patients. It is necessary to wash teeth after every meal because the food will remain around the braces and you should especially be careful about hard and sticky food. Our recommendation is that besides a traditional toothbrush, you also use an interdental toothbrush and dental shower.

In case some of the braces falls off, it is necessary to restick it as soon as possible. Be sure to bring the brace with you when visiting the dentist.

Also, before starting orthodontic therapy, all teeth have to be fixed, and hygiene needs to be perfect.


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