Pedodontics and baby teeth

Pedodontics and baby teeth

What is pedodontics?

Pedodontics or pediatric dentistry represents a part of stomatology dealing with baby teeth treatment. Its main purpose is prevention of caries on milk and first permanent teeth.

Cooperation of dentists and parents and child’s appropriate and timely planned dentist appointment is extremely important. Unknown people, appliances and sounds can scare children. Our recommendation for you is to bring the child to a dentist a few times without any kind of interventions on teeth so that it can develop trust.

First appointment

The best time for a first dentist appointment is around child’s first year of life. Like we have already stated, it is important that the child does not have a fear of dentist. The teeth of the youngest patients are greased with a liquid, gel, or varnish containing fluorine (fluoridation). This preventive measure is completely painless for the child, while fluorine protects baby teeth from caries and makes the enamel more resistant.

Oral hygiene

Children should brush their teeth two times a day (until they get big enough to maintain hygiene on their own, parents have to do this). The toothbrush needs to be adapted for the child, small and soft. In the beginning, during sprouting, baby teeth can only be brushed with water, and when the child learns how to spit the contents from its mouth, a toothpaste can be used. You have probably noticed that there are toothpastes in stores adapted for certain ages of children. When purchasing, it is necessary to notice that toothpaste for up to six years of age has low proportion of fluoride (up to 500 ppmF).

Also, after brushing of teeth in the evening, the child should not eat or drink anything. This especially pertains to drinking of sweet fruit drinks in a bottle. This habit can cause bottle tooth decay – caries which affects front milk teeth and completely destroys them up to the gums level. Our recommendation is that even during the day, you do not get your children used to drinking sweet drinks, but that they consume water in case of thirst.

Simple rules and habits which children adopt at an earliest age are incredibly important for the entire life. These are: appropriate oral hygiene, healthy nutrition, and regular dentist appointments.

Treatment of baby teeth

Baby teeth (or milk teeth) are not permanent, but that does not make them less important. They save space for permanent teeth, direct their growth and enable adequate development. Caries destroys a part of a milk tooth, moves it and brings it into an abnormal position, which is why it is necessary to fill it. In case a milk tooth is not treated, there is a high probability that a permanent tooth in the same spot will also be susceptible to caries.

Sometimes, it is also necessary to extract a baby tooth. This pertains to a case when a permanent tooth has already sprouted and is located behind the milk tooth which still holds tightly. Also, we cannot forget that children are mischievous, so teeth injuries are also common. During a fall or an impact, a crown fracture or teething can occur, when it is extremely important to visit the dentist as soon as possible.

Pedodontics and baby teeth

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